Commercial and Industrial Waterproofing:

Concrete Roofs:

– New and Old roofs method.
– We clean down, prepare surfaces and prime it with Bituprime.
– Supply and fix a layer of Thermoflex (4mm) torch-on roofing with 75mm side and 100mm end laps, sealed by torch-on fusion to the screeded flat roof.
– Protect waterproofing with one coat of Bitumous-based Aluminium roof paint.

Corrugated and Metal Roofs:

– New and Old roofs method.
– We secure all loose bolts, sheets and flashing using self-tapping screws or pop-rivets.
– Replace roof bolts where necessary, seal and secure vertical and horizontal.
– Overlaps, apex flashings, headwall flashings, valleys and skylights (where necessary).
– Using our Bitumen system, we clean areas to be waterproofed and apply one coat of Rubberized Bitumen, embed membrane and apply two coats of Rubberized Compound.
– We protect the waterproofing with one coat of Bitumous-based aluminium.
– Roof paint.

Tile Roof:

– Acrylbit and Bitumen method.
– We clean areas to be waterproofed, apply one coat of Acrylbit and embed a polyester Membrane.
– We apply two coats of Acrylbit, ensuring that the membrane is thoroughly saturated.
– Protect the waterproofing with one coat of water-based Acrylbit.

Balconies/ Showers:

– Cementitious (Hypocrite).
– We clean down and prepare surfaces. All loose materials will be removed by brush and water, ensuring that the surface is free of oil, grease and paint.
– We Apply Grey Flexseal (Polypropylene/ Membrane) with 50mm overlaps.
– With a brush, we apply a final and generous coat of Flexseal system.

Damp proofing:

  • Interior and Exterior.
  • Boundary Walls.
  • We remove plaster back to the brick-work, to a minimum height of 500mm and a maximum height of 1 meter, unless otherwise specified.
  • Brush apply a cement/ Latseal and Bondaid Plus waterproofing mixture onto the brick-work.
  • We Re-plaster using a 3:1 sand and cement mixture, incorporating Bondaid Plus Waterproofing additive.
  • Please note a drying period of 5-6 weeks must be allowed before repainting.


– Interior and Exterior
– Wall and Roof
– All types of Wood Painting

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